Mysterious Fuxian Lake's Secrets Told

Updated: 2007-08-17 08:47


Han Shu (a classic Chinese historical writing covering the history of the Western Han Dynasty, 206 BCE-9 CE), once recorded that Yuyuan City was north of Fuxian Lake.

Was the site under the lake the city recorded in Han Shu? To determine this point, the researchers first tried to determine whether the site's age tallied with history. They needed to find items that correlated with human life. After a half-month's survey, earthenware was spotted by inspection team members.

The experts believed that, from this earthenware, the site was possibly from the Warring States to the Eastern Han Dynasty. However, in order to find a more exact time, they had to find a subject that could be used for carbon 14 testing.

A City of Han Dynasty

After failing many times, team members finally found some shells attached to blocks. Through a test for carbon 14, an accurate time was discovered-the item was 1750 years old. This result proved the site was sunk during the Han period. However in the Tang Dynasty, there were still records about Yuyuan City remaining on land. Therefore, the lost city is not Yuyuan.

Another Guess

Some experts believe that, from the structure of the under-lake construction, it is extremely similar to the construction styles of the ancient Dian Country, a country with a high level of civilization. After BC 86, it mysteriously disappeared.

But other experts are suspicious, saying it is too early to make this conclusion because archaeology is a long and complex process. Solving the riddle of the old city requires longer-term archaeological excavation and careful research.

Other Riddles within Fuxian Lake

Along with the discovery of the sunken city, Fuxian Lake has taken on mythic proportions, almost as unfathomable as a Greek fable. Only parts of the secrets in the body of water have unfolded. Legends have prevailed for more than a 1,000 years.

Pegasus in Fuxian Lake

On October 24, 1991, a man named Zhang Yuxiang was fishing on the tranquil lake. Suddenly, he and others claim that a shining disk sprang out of the lake as a big fog formed. The disk vanished in the air. The boat was tossed by sudden waves. This strange phenomenon shocked Zhang and other people with him.

Actually other legends like this have spread for a long time.

According to " Cheng Jang Fu Zhi", a book in the region of Emperor Daoguang, a horse-like animal lived in the lake. Its body was pure white with red spots on its back. Sometimes it rapidly flew out of the water. People who saw were lucky. Does the Pegasus really exist in Fuxian Lake?

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