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Young living Buddha's growth

Xinjiang recovering with difficulty

Tibet celebrates Serfs Emancipation Day

Beijing-based foreign journalists visit Tibet exhibition
Tibet braces for upcoming Lunar New Year
Lhasa, capital of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region, braces for upcoming Chinese Lunar New Year.
Officials risk lives to aid Tibet
Officials of Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region are all "risking their lives" to work for extended periods of time in its harsh environment - a lack of oxygen due to high altitude.
Tibet looks to attract 15m tourists in 2015
Tibet plans to attract 15 million tourists in 2015, generating some 16 billion yuan, according to local tourism bureau.
The PR plan to change world view on Tibet
The Tibet autonomous region should come up with a public relations plan to improve its image to the outside world, according to a local political advisor.
5.1 magnitude quake hits Xinjiang
An earthquake measuring 5.1 on the Richter Scale hit Wuqia county, Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region at 9:56 am Saturday.
China Tibet Online launches new Tibetan version
China's leading multilingual website dedicated to Tibet-related topics on Thursday renewed its Tibetan language version with more contents of news, religion, culture, health and folk customs.
No casualties reported in Tibet quake
The 5.0-magnitude earthquake that hit a remote county in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region early Thursday did not cause any casualties or toppled any homes as yet.
Tibet-related website gets social in makeover
China Tibet Online, the country's leading website on Tibet, launched its latest English version Tuesday after six-months of elaborate preparations in Beijing in an attempt to expose Tibetan's livelihood.
Official says Xinjiang's stability 'fragile'
A top official in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Friday said the region, shaken by a deadly riot last year, still faces many factors that may affect stability.
Journalist beaten to 'brain death' in Xinjiang
A journalist in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region was beaten to "brain death" by five men on Saturday, local police said on Monday.
Highway tunnel to Tibet's Metok completed
Construction of the tunnel on a highway that links Tibet's Metok County to the outside world was completed when explosives blasted through the final section at 10 am Wednesday.
Tibet's first expressway soon open next year
Construction of Tibet's first expressway, a four-lane road linking Lhasa's city proper and Gongkar Airport, has entered its final stage and will open in six months as expected.
Senior official urges development in Xinjiang
A senior Chinese leader has called for more efforts in the next five years to seek long-term stability and all-round development in the country's Northwest Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
Heavy snow in NW China's Xinjiang
Cold wave hits Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region and causes heavy snow, from Dec 2 to Dec 3, 2010.
Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps

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