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Young living Buddha's growth

Xinjiang recovering with difficulty

Tibet celebrates Serfs Emancipation Day

Beijing-based foreign journalists visit Tibet exhibition
Flood sweeps away villager in N. China
Flooding triggered by a heavy downpour has swept away a villager and more than 1,700 livestock in a township in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the local government said Wednesday.
Guangxi spent 3B yuan on poor students
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has spent 3.3 billion yuan ($483 million) over the last two years to help students living in poverty, Xinhua reported.
Minister: stability foremost in Xinjiang
Meng Jianzhu labeled maintaining stability as "the central task of overriding importance."
15 seized over syringe attacks in Xinjiang
Members of nine ethnic groups had reported stabbing incidents to the police.
Press conference of autonomous regions
Officials from five autonomous regions talked about the achivements during a  conference.
Bilingual education promoted in Xinjiang
Over 600,000 students of ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang are taking the bilingual education.
Reports of Sichuan-Tibet railway untrue
The Sichuan-Tibet railway is still in its planning stage.
Xinjiang official: Tourism to see 'new peak'
A senior official from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Regional government said Wednesday that tourism is gradually recovering from the deadly July 5 riots and it will reach a "new peak" during the National Day holiday next month.
Tibetan students to receive free education
10,000 Tibetan students in Sichuan will get free secondary vocational education.
Xinjiang to build Asia's largest ski resort
The Xinjiang Kanas scenic spot signed a 5-billion-yuan ($0.73 billion) tourism investment deal on Monday with Oumning Suuess Limited to build Asia's largest ski resort, a Hong Kong-based energy company, Xinhua reported today.
Xinjiang progress hailed in exhibition
A girl covers her eyes with her fingers, peeking at a bloody picture of civilians being bludgeoned in the Urumqi riot on July 5.
'Xinjiang emerging from riot shadow'
Overseas investors received assurances Tuesday that the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region remains a safe place for them and their money, despite the July 5 riot.
Sichuan-Tibet Railway to begin in September
Upon completion of the new railway, it will take only eight hours from Chengdu to Lhasa.
Riot city's students get counseling
Students in Urumqi will get help in dealing with the scars left behind after riot.
21M ethnic minorities in poverty in 2008
It accounts for 52.5 percent of the overall rural poverty population, according to SEAC.

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