Lily Allen: hypnosis helped me lose weight

Updated: 2007-10-09 15:48

Lily Allen has something to smile about. She has been flaunting her newly svelte figure all over Paris fashion week. So how did the British songbird drop from a 12 to an 8? Hypnosis.

Lily Allen in London on June 19, 2007 (left) and in Paris on October 4, 2007 (right). [Agencies]


Allen slimmed down with the help of Susan Hepburn, an accredited hypnotherapist and psychotherapist who charges approximately $600 an hour to implant subconscious messages into clients' minds reminding them to stop eating when they feel full. According to the Daily Mail, Hepburn also teaches clients to associate healthy activities, such as working out in the gym, with happiness.

"After the hypnotism, I want to go to the gym every day, otherwise I feel really bad,” Allen, 22, said. “I just want to get more toned and healthy. I'm really good about everything at the moment -- I've never been happier.”

Allen's self-confidence certainly has increased since last spring. In May, the "Smile" singer posted a melancholy blog post on her MySpace page in which she blogged about her body image issues.

"I used to pride myself on being strong minded and not being some stupid girl obsessed with the way I look," she wrote. "I felt like it didn't matter if I was a bit chubby cause I'm not a model, I'm a singer. I'm afraid I am not strong and have fallen victim to the evil machine. I write to you in a sea of tears from my hotel bed in Seattle, I have spent the past hour researching gastric bypass surgery, and laser lipo suction."

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