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Guangzhou News Digest
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Fastest advanced metro starts service
Traditional Korean park welcomes visitors
Putin's bodyguard to flex muscles in China
Old boats to go on show at new maritime museum
When it comes to wine, residents go local
Hotline gives women shoulder to cry on
Pediatrics gynaecology services set up for girls
Guangzhou mamas just one click away
Travel insurance by any other name
Flower power as residents protest venue change
Student blog search becomes world leader
Deaf people helped by text message service
Ancient newspapers go on show
Gays in Guangdong show unity and pride
Man makes more than half of world's Snoopies
Oldest theatre reopens with modern twist
Huge salaries a long, tall story
Ice-cream parlor under fire
Giant pair of zongzi available at ¥2,292
Woman faces questions over cosmetic changes
Job fair aides diverse field of applicants
New babies arriving in watery world
Guangzhou elderly unhealthy
Guangzhou trees yield fruit for soups
2-year-old walks home alone from pre-school
Spanish speakers take money to the bank
First marine exhibition to be held in GZ
Largest rubbish center to be constructed
GZ proposes legislation to clean up city
Eggs cooked on hot ground
Puppet troupe performs for Taipei audiences
Taxies to get detectors
Young men say they like painted nails, too
Traffic accidents top killer of Guangzhou kids
9 metro lines in Guangzhou by 2010
Services now free for Guangdong elderly
Lunch ready to order on Internet
Traffic noise forces teachers on amplifiers
Woman charges restaurant for missing teeth
Umbrellas deployed at busy hospital
Breakfast most important meal of day
Programme to provide nursing care for elders
Growing scallion good for cooking, rests eyes
Slimy stream snakes seen swarming silt
Men marrying 'up' have financial goal
Migrants offered site to honour the deceased
Tell Guangzhou girls it takes two to tango
Comic play causes concern among parents
Can gargantuan trees be saved from pests?
Hospital registration forms forming mountains of paper

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