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  China & Olympics

World Records held by Chinese Athletes

27th Olympic Games: Sydney 2000

26th Olympic Games: Atlanta 1996

25th Olympic Games: Barcelona 1992

24th Olympic Games: Seoul 1988

23rd Olympic Games: Los Angeles 1984

10th-15th Olympic Games: 1936-1952

Chinese Medallists at Olympic Winter Games

19th Olympic Winter Games: Salt Lake City 2002

18th Olympic Winter Games: Nagano 1998

17th Olympic Winter Games: Lillehammer 1994

16th Olympic Winter Games: Albertville 1992

15th Olympic Winter Games: Calgary 1988

14th Olympic Winter Games: SARAJEVO 1984

13th Olympic Winter Games: Lake Placid 1980

Historical Background


  About Athens

Facts of Athens Olympic Games opening ceremony

Facts of past Olympic Games opening ceremonies

Athens City

Olympic Cities

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