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Experts share views to promote education reform

( Updated: 2017-03-06 17:31

Experts share views to promote education reform

Experts accept offers from the Changjiang Educational Research Institute during the forum on March 3. [Photo provided to]

Several research achievements regarding education of China, including "2017 Educational Policy Proposals", "Yellow Book on Chinese Education", "Chinese Education Index 2016", and a prediction on "Top Ten Educational Words in 2017" were released during the 10th Beijing Changjiang Education Forum, on March 3 in Beijing.

The forum focused on accelerating institutional innovation of Chinese education and improving the level of educational management.

During the forum, experts and scholars shared their views on the "2017 Educational Policy Proposals", which include reform in the school system, the NPC-oriented educational legislation, educational monitoring, the construction of an innovative educational think tank, and the integration of urban and rural education.

Sun Xiaobing, executive director of the Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy and director of the Policy Research and Legal Construction Department of the Ministry of Education, suggested that some proposals such as quality of teaching in villages and the allocation of teachers would become hot issues during the National Two Sessions.

He also predicted that the proposal to give colleges more rights to run the school and exploring better ways to serve students and teachers would be a burning issue for the coming 19th National People's Congress of the Communist Party of China.

The "Index of Chinese Education 2016" released during the forum reflects the development index, innovation index, and green index of education around China and puts forward an idea about educational green index and legality, through which people can understand the development of local education.

In terms of the Top Ten Educational Words, Zhou Hongyu, president of Changjiang Educational Research Institute, said normal media always summarizes key words after the events or for a time period, but these educational words feature guidance and perspective.

Words related to educational management and system may become hot topics for both the 12th National People's Congress and the National Education Conference, which was just decided to be held before the National Congress.

Zhou suggested that the forum, which is held before the two sessions, is intended to provide a platform for educational experts and scholars to exchange their views and proposals on Chinese education which can be absorbed by NPC members and be brought to the two sessions.

Experts and scholars also accepted offers from the Changjiang Educational Research Institute during the forum.

The Changjiang Educational Research Institute initiated the annual Beijing Changjiang Education Forum in 2007, and every year attendees of the event exchange their suggestions and advice on education development and release research achievements to promote the reform of Chinese education.


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