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Foreign students in JUFE visited Chinese Traditional Culture Experience Center

( Updated: 2016-12-07 16:56
Foreign students in JUFE visited Chinese Traditional Culture Experience Center
On the afternoon of December 3rd, JUFE’s foreign teachers, foreign students, with the guide of teachers from international department and volunteers,visited Jingdezhen Fuliang ceramic industrial zone.

The foreign teachers and students are from 16 different countries as United States, Japan, Russia,Kazakhstan,Czech Republic, Nigeria, etc. They have gained a lot of experience through Chinese-English bilingual ceramic experience lesson, as well as have stunned people with their full imagination when they handmade blue and white tea set or formed models of ceramic. Due to the ceramic activities, they have realized a further understanding of ceramic arts and Chinese traditional culture. The landscape with Chinese elements,the fine environment facilities and well-thought service are highly praised by each visitors. After experiencing ceramic activities, the foreign students took part in the procedure of launching JUFE’s first Chinese Traditional Culture Experience Center for foreign students.

As the number of foreign teachers and students in JUFE is growing, JUFE has decided to build a Chinese culture experience base and arrange visitations for foreign students to develop a solid understanding as well as recognition of Chinese culture and Chinese society. Settled on the “Millennium porcelain capital” Jingdezhen, Mingfang Park is devoted to producing handmade ceramic base. With the launching of the center, there would be more JUFE’s foreign students coming to Jingdezhen ceramic industrial zone to sense ceramic joy and Chinese ceramic culture.


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