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Libyan rebels overran Muammar Gadhafi's Bab al-Aziziya compound in Tripoli on Tuesday, ending Gadhafi's four decades in power.  Louafi Larbi / Reuters

Bounty offered for Gadhafi as rebels vow to hold polls

TRIPOLI, Libya - A bounty of $1.7 million has been offered for the capture of Muammar Gadhafi - dead or alive. The bounty has been put up by businessmen but is supported by the rebel leadership, National Transitional Council (NTC) chairman Mustafa Abdel-Jalil said.

Journalists freed from hotel

Proposals to ban torture testimony

Hunters viewed as easy target

A brief history of international hunting in China


Post-Gadhafi Libyan peace

With Libyan opposition forces pouring into Tripoli and overwhelming Muammar Gadhafi's main compound, the opposition leaders announced the end of the Gadhafi era and the beginning of political transition.


Making a Chinese dream come true

Procedural justice

Hold fire on hunting

US polls and China bashing

Govt should set an example in charity


From The Chinese Press


Walmart China has big plans in small cities

BEIJING - When Ed Chan took over as Walmart China's president and chief executive officer in 2007, his mission was to keep the business growing in the emerging market, because the chain retailer had sold its outlets in South Korea and Germany the year before.

Robust domestic market is teeming with competitors

COSCO seeks to ease worries over bills

Codelco bets on growing demand in Chinese market

Shares drop on earnings, Japan rating

Market roundup


Careless caretaker

Ten scandals in the past three months at Palace Museum have raised doubts about management at the world famous Beijing museum. The trouble started on May 8, when a thief broke into Palace Museum and removed nine rare items that were being shown and belonged to a Hong Kong collector. Beijing police recovered some stolen items but the museum then committed a faux pas by writing an incorrect character on a banner when thanking them for their assistance. Museum management then came under fire for a series of other mishaps, including damaging a rare antique porcelain dish and trying to cover up the accident; in addition to losing some 100 old books. "In recent years, since the Palace Museum has commercialized its operations, it has had to replace some traditional practices and work with commercial organizations, so I believe the problem results from making necessary adjustments in a timely fashion," says Pan Shouyong, a museology professor at Minzu University of China.

Reputations hard to make, easy to break

A peek into world of basement treasures

Clearing the air

The real deal

A dignified farewell to one whose life was lived with dignity

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A flash over daegu

Usain Bolt, the world's fastest man, leads a powerful group of Jamaican sprinters into the World Athletics Championships but a repeat doping positive by Steve Mullings has cast a steroid shadow over the squad.

Hurdler Liu back to lead China's worlds squad

US out to reclaim its supremacy

Germans like to ride their bicycles

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Mourinho faces ban of 12 games

Bayern, Villarreal glide into group stage

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