Unlocalized noodles

(That's Shanghai)
Updated: 2008-01-10 10:35

Shanghai has no shortage of noodle shops, though most tailor their generic menus to suit only local tastes. Lao Ke Le, however, offers a tasty exception; it serves fresh, hand-pulled noodles cooked in a variety of Eastern and Western styles.

Our Oriental stewed beef (RMB 18) and fish & sour cabbage (RMB 20) noodle soups were excellent, with rich aromas and robust flavors. However, we were most surprised by the scrumptious, if slightly localized, Italian dishes: the carrot noodles with cheesy meatballs (RMB 22) and spinach noodles with seafood (RMB 24), both served with tomato sauce, were utterly pleasing.

In all, considering its modern ambiance and friendly service, LKL is a great way to reduce your expenses without cutting back on restaurant dining.

Open: Daily 8:30am-12am.
Location: 82 Huanghe Lu, by Beijing Xi Lu
Tel: 021-5375 6008
Cost for two excluding drinks: RMB 55


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