Windows Jingan revamped

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Updated: 2007-03-12 11:30

Windows Jingan revampedWhen I first came to Shanghai I was introduced to a bar called Windows. After hitting all of the city's clubs, I realized that Windows was sort of like a friendly bar you have back home that you now miss.

Shanghai has a few Windows bars, but the most popular one was in Jing'an, located in the downstairs nook of a mini mall on the corner of Nanjing xi Lu and Huashan Lu. Unfortunately, not long ago, the owner decided to chivy it to the Sogo Super Mall across the street and change something that was working just fine. Here's where the disappointment starts and the memories of Windows when I first arrived in Shanghai dwindle.

Up the escalator, neighboring Haagen-Dazs, is Windows Too. It has an open concept (because of the small space), and most of the tables have been moved outside the actual bar. A new 50rmb entry fee is also in effect, which includes one free drink. It's obvious that the owners are attempting to cash in on the city's lucrative clubbing scene over the normal Windows atmosphere-a place to chill and have a cold beer.

The old location was tiny but well designed, whereas, this one is too small and not set-up well enough to be a club, especially since they just shipped over all the same old furnishings and decorations (a few strobes and a disco ball). The price of drinks has increased from the old flat fee of 10rmb, with Corona costing 25rmb; Carlsberg 25rmb; Chivas 25rmb; Home Whiskey 15rmb; and Bailey's 20rmb. But they do offer more food options like Lamb Chops for 35rmb; Beef Tenderloin 35rmb; and Tuna Fish 25rmb. Their regular munchies like french fries and burgers are still the same low price of 10rmb each.

If you're looking for a wannabe club where you can dance and have a few drinks, but can't be bothered to tap the city's real clubs ... maybe you should check out Windows Too. It's a place that is guaranteed to have some people, a free pool table and large TVs at the bar to watch sports games on. In my view, they've ruined something that was truly unique and turned it into the same old thing. Perhaps you'll like it, but I sure as hell don't.

Windows Too
Address: 104, Jing'an Temple Plaza, 1699 Nanjing Xi Road
near Huashan Road
Tel: 021-32140351


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