Arriba arrives in the Wu

By Keith Griffith (
Updated: 2008-06-13 10:45

Sharing space and management in a murky arrangement with Propaganda, La Bamba has transposed that infamous club's grind-and-sleaze feel to the faux-rustic environs of Wudaokou's only Mexican eatery, with lines for the club snaking through the dining area, reducing the distance between dinner and the dance floor to nothing.

Diners might find a few pleasant surprises on the menu, though authenticity won't be among them. The crispy Taquitos (25 yuan) make an excellent starter or snack, and the huge Mexican Salad (28 yuan) was bedecked with juicy strips of steak. But some of the vital basics were lacking, as the thawed-out flour tortillas gave the Polla Tinga Burrito (20 yuan) and Steak Fajitas (48 yuan) a microwaved quality, and their Margarita (25 yuan) was also weak and disappointing.

But we’re guessing this place will become a liuxuesheng standby -- location practically guarantees it.

La Bamba (Mexican)
Tel: 131-2102-5251
Add: Huaqingjiayuan East Gate


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