Glimpses of anger venting club in Shenyang

Updated: 2006-08-22 10:07

Glimpses of anger venting club in Shenyang
Many believe white collars at 30 had to bear enormous pressure, and to occasionally visit the anger venting club could bring them cheerful mood. [File Photo/Modern Express]
Recently an anger venting club has started its business in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, becoming the only legitimate place for people to vent their angers. They can baste the male models, smash the pots and pans, and even cry and shout in the empty rooms.

Manager Yu said he tried to combine anger venting process and psychological treatment. "We have many customers. I remember one night at 9 when our club was to close, an old couple came in and wanted to quarrel here, saying they feared to disturb their neighbors. The couple brawled for about 3 hours and then finally calming down, seeming to have no serious divergences between them. They left with smiles on their faces, and we didn't charge them a cent," he said.

Yu revealed that most customers were women. One night, three women came to the club and smashed some 200 yuan ($25) worth of bowls and dishes. They didn't say a word, just paid the bill and left.

It is reported that the club has more than 1,000 yuan ($125) worth of utensils smashed everyday. To pay 10 yuan ($1.2), one can break a refrigerator. Yu explained that they had removed the refrigeration compressor, lest it hurt customer.

Mr. Zhao, 30, has visited the club twice. He said white collars at his age had to bear enormous pressure, and to occasionally visit the anger venting club could bring him cheerful mood.


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