Bigger is better

Updated: 2006-07-28 10:22

Bigger is betterAs they say in Texas, "bigger is better." With that in mind, Yeeha Texas Barbecue Restaurant & Sports Bar has launched a Lone Star State-style eatery where everything is big from the food portions to the cool decor.

Housed in a massive 1,500-square-meter location close to Nanjing Road W. and Jing'an Temple, the two-story restaurant delivers for those craving some mouth-watering barbecue or for those looking to watch the latest sporting events on the big screen.

While Yeeha offers something for everybody, its barbecue straight from Texas is the prime attraction.

"The combination of a restaurant and a sports bar has been a huge success in the US, but it's a new thing for China," said Yu Di, Yeeha's vice president. "We are very confident that this style of restaurant is going to catch on here."

The first floor at Yeeha serves American Chinese food. It differentiates from traditional Chinese fare in that it is cooked with little oil. The food is considered healthy and is offered at a reasonable price. A business lunch offered at 32 yuan (US$4) provides diners with a choice of either poultry, beef, pork, seafood or vegetarian.

The colorfully decorated barbecue restaurant and sports bar is on the second floor. Diners will be deeply impressed by its home-on-the-range wooden walls when entering the premises.

The walls are adorned with animal horns, deer head, cowboy gear in boots and a horse whip, and various animal skins, namely cattle. All were imported from Texas. Adding to the comfortable surroundings are two fireplaces and red cedar tables and chairs giving off an impressive rustic atmosphere.

The bar also features many photos of sports stars and various paraphernalia including a pair of signed running shoes from Houston Rockets superstar and native Shanghai son Yao Ming.

To follow the various sports happening around the world, there are also 18 television screens, providing an ideal atmosphere to take in the big game.

And seeing as this is a Texas-themed bar, the sound of country music fills the air, providing a down-home aura for diners.

The star at Yeeha Texas Barbecue Restaurant & Sports Bar is undoubtedly its barbecue food.

Vice President Yu said the barbecue was authentic in taste with the flavor straight from Texas.

"We select only the best quality meat for our entrees. The beef is cooked in an oven for 12 to 14 hours at 112 degree Celsius," he said. "By cooking it this way, it can retain its water content and original flavor."

Diners have a lot to choose from in the various barbecue platters. In addition to pork, chicken, sausage and slow cooked beef brisket, Yeeha serves special barbecue such as sauteed Asian white fish filet with creamy mushroom sauce and pan-seared salmon with shrimp and tomato sauce. Prices range from 48 yuan to 138 yuan.

Side orders such as sliced pickles, potato salad and garlic bread provide a fine accompaniment to the barbecue fare.

Yu said patrons would like the Yeeha dining experience as they can see what's going on through the windows of the open kitchen. He added that to guarantee the sanitary conditions of the food and dishes, an automatic dishwasher is utilized. All the kitchen items were also made of stainless steel.

With its combination of barbecue, Texas culture and sports atmosphere, Yeeha is an ideal place to relax and enjoy a good meal.

Address: 1/F 2 Huashan Road
Tel: 021-62499988


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