Go for traditional Shanghai snacks

By Sue Dyson and Roger McShane (foodtourist.com)
Updated: 2006-07-26 10:12

Go for traditional Shanghai snacks
Guo Tie (pot stickers)

A Money is a lovely modern sparkling restaurant in the Hongqiao area of Shanghai which is serving very nice food and a drink that we fell in love with.

We had very nice xiao long bao there which rated for quality alongside some of the more venerable establishments in Shanghai. We particularly like the crab version.

And there is another specialty which makes this restaurant worth a journey. The Guo Tie (pot stickers) are particularly good. They come to the table inverted (the fried side is up) and joined into a long cylindrical shape. About six of these cylinders constitute the dish. A side dish of vinegar, oil and garlic is also presented. When you pick one up they come apart into a dumpling of small but recognisable size. The texture of the soft steamed dough on one side and the fried crispy dough on the other is perfect. The filling is suitably tasty.

There are many other dishes that are worth trying (with the locals being particularly keen on the Guo Tie and the fresh crabs). We also like a dish of wok-fried duck and another of fried French beans in a complex, earthy dressing.

There is also a drink that is well worth a try-especially if you are like us and like drinking sour flavours when in a hot climate. The Suan Mei Tang is made from sour plums and has a flavour reminiscent of the tamarind drinks that are so popular in Thailand and the Middle East.

A Money is well-worth a visit.

A Money Restaurant
Location: No. 1482 Hong Qiao Rd, Hong Qiao
Tel: 021-62097929


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