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China, Russia sign five-point joint statement
Updated: 2009-06-18 10:59

The two leaders signed a draft plan of the China-Russia investment cooperation, pledging to earnestly implement the draft plan and encourage enterprises of the two countries to carry out pragmatic cooperation in such areas as mechanical manufacturing, construction, the light industry, transportation, agriculture, communication, bank and insurance, technology, energy, the chemical industry, forestry and mining.

The two sides also made great efforts to work out a draft plan on the cooperation between northeast China and Russia's Far East and East Siberia regions.

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The two leaders urged the relevant departments of the two countries to wrap up consultation at an early date on the draft plan, so that the plan could be submitted for approval when the heads of state of the two countries meet at the end of 2009.

The two leaders also spoke highly of the energy negotiation mechanisms between China and Russia and the inter-governmental agreement on oil cooperation signed by the two countries.

The two countries have been pushing forward all-round cooperation in oil, natural gas, nuclear power and electricity, which has raised the China-Russia strategic partnership of cooperation to a new high, they said.

The two sides also discussed nuclear power cooperation, one of their priorities for economic cooperation. They will launch the construction of the second phase of the Tianwan nuclear power project and the fast reactors for commercial purposes.

China and Russia should strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in civil aviation manufacturing as well as in related projects that comply with the market needs and the civil aircraft development plan, they added.

Humanities Cooperation

The two presidents are satisfied with the sustainable development of the mutual humanities cooperation.

The two countries have consolidated and expanded the social basis of the China-Russian strategic partnership of cooperation through cultural and film festivals, media and sports exchanges, and activities in the fields of sanitation, tourism and archives.

The two sides will lay the emphasis on the cooperation in prevention and control of acute infectious diseases.

Both sides noted that it is significant for the two governments to hold activities on educational exchanges such as holding university art festivals, exchanges of university students and education exhibitions.

The "Year of Russian Language" in China in 2009 and the "Year of Chinese Language" in Russia in 2010 will help deepen bilateral exchanges and mutual understanding.

The two presidents said that the work on the drafting of the inter-governmental agreement on the establishment of the cultural centers in each other's country is going smoothly. The departments concerned have been instructed to conclude the agreement as soon as possible within this year.