Mar 28, 2024
AI technology of today meets film photography  VIDEO
When the AI technology of today meets film photography, which emerged in the 19th century, what will happen? This year, we approach Art Basel and Art Central from a new perspective — putting film photos to music generated using AI tools. Let's enjoy a healing art journey where tradition meets technology.
Mar 28, 2024
The floral business: A blooming industry in new era  VIDEO
In 2023, Southwest China's Yunnan province maintained its position as the global leader in both the total area and production of fresh-cut flowers. Known as the "Flower City of Asia", Dounan in Kunming, capital city of Yunnan, boasts an annual trade volume of 13.54 billion stems, worth a total of 13.57 billion yuan in trade value.
By  Yuan Hui in Hohhot   Mar 27, 2024
By  CHEN MEILING in Beijing and MAO WEIHUA in Urumqi   Mar 25, 2024
Mar 21, 2024
Xi makes inspection tour in Hunan  VIDEO
Xi Jinping inspected the cities of Changsha and Changde on Monday and Tuesday during his tour in Central China's Hunan province, visiting a university campus, a joint venture, a cultural street and a village. Watch the video to find out more.
By  Zhang Xiaomin in Dalian, Liaoning   Mar 20, 2024
New documentary series offers unique perspective on solar terms through birds  VIDEO
As China enters the Spring Equinox, or Chunfen, the fourth of the 24 solar terms, on Wednesday, people can witness the changing seasons and the natural world via migratory birds in a video series.
By  Yin Weihao and Ma Jingna   Mar 18, 2024
Mar 17, 2024
Winter's end, sail begins!  VIDEO
How do you spend your leisure time during a spring night after a long winter? Taking a boat tour down the Liangma River in eastern Beijing's Chaoyang district will be a popular choice as the cruise service reopens March 16. Riders can feel the breeze, enjoy the light show, listen to music, and immerse themselves in the romantic vibe and picturesque night view.
Mar 16, 2024
Pear blossoms present fresh spring sight  VIDEO
In spring, Jiajizhai village, a pastoral village in Gejiu, Southwest China's Yunnan province, awakens to a breathtaking sight: vast stretches of hillside land adorned with pear blossoms.
By  ZHAO RUIXUE in Jinan   Mar 12, 2024
By  Liu Mingtai and Zhou Huiying   Mar 11, 2024
Rare sighting: four wild Siberian tigers spotted in Jilin  VIDEO
Four wild Siberian tigers have been recorded by the monitoring cameras in a village of Hunchun city, Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture in Northeast China's Jilin province.
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