Jun 12, 2024
Automation, AI transform production in GBA  VIDEO
The production lines at a lithium-ion battery factory in Nansha, Guangzhou, the capital of China's Guangdong province, work efficiently with bare minimum workers. This is because the facility has implemented a 95 percent level of automation and artificial intelligence as advanced technology transforms manufacturing across the Greater Bay Area.
Jun 11, 2024
United youth with shared friendships in a university  VIDEO
The recently held 20th International Youth Cultural Festival of the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) showed youths from different countries and cultures united and exchanged at a Chinese university.
By  Li Menghan and Hu Meidong   Jun 08, 2024
Norwegian minister finds inspiration in China's ocean conservation efforts  VIDEO
Andreas Bjelland Eriksen, Norway's Minister of Climate and Environment, is currently embarking on his first trip to China.
By  Liu Mingtai in Changchun and Zhou Huiying   Jun 07, 2024
French student Naela Thual immerses in Jilin charm  VIDEO
Over the past several months, Naela Thual has experienced the charm of Jilin province and witnessed the deep and beautiful friendship between China and France.
By  Yang Jun and Zhou Huiying   Jun 07, 2024
Ethnic musicians in Guizhou aim to preserve their culture 
In recent months, the Bouyei Xiaoda music performance team from Pu'an county of Qianxinan Bouyei and Miao autonomous prefecture in Guizhou province has delivered more than dozen performances to appreciative audiences.
By  Yuan Hui in Hohhot and Zhou Huiying   Jun 06, 2024
Jun 06, 2024
Video: Why do we need to protect insects?  VIDEO
Editor's Note: Everyone can be a guardian of biodiversity conservation. In China, these guardians contribute to biodiversity conservation in their own unique ways. Follow "the Guardians of Biodiversity" video series to have a look at these adorable animals and learn about these guardians' protection efforts.
By  Yan Dongjie   Jun 05, 2024
Jun 05, 2024
International students take part in dragon boat race  VIDEO
Mawuna Ayefounin is an international student at Shanghai's Tongji University. He was a member of a dragon boat team that took part in a race between international college students in Shanghai on May 25. Follow him to check out how he and his teammates prepared for the race and had a good time.
By  ZHAO RUINAN and Shi Baoyin in Luoyang, Henan   Jun 05, 2024
Chinese tricycles captivate foreign markets and media  VIDEO
A blogger in the US recently purchased a Chinese-made electric tricycle for $600 as a Christmas gift for her father-in-law.
Jun 05, 2024
Video: Explore the only crane living on the plateau  VIDEO
The black-necked crane, an endangered species, is the only crane that inhabits and reproduces in high plateau, mainly breeding on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China. During the summer, the Qinghai area of Qilian Mountain National Park, which straddles the Gansu and Qinghai provinces, becomes a breeding ground for these elegant cranes.
Jun 04, 2024
Harvard choir sings in Mandarin  VIDEO
Click the video and enjoy the Mandarin song performed by the Harvard Krokodiloes, a well-known Acapella group.
By  Ma Jingna in Lanzhou and Zhou Huiying   Jun 04, 2024
Minle county leverages alfalfa advantages to boost farming economy  VIDEO
Gansu Huarui Agriculture Co Ltd workers have been busy harvesting the alfalfa on their 533 hectares of land in Minle Industrial Park in Minle county of Zhangye city, Gansu province.
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