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Premier Li wraps up 'two sessions' with press conference


Updated: 2015-03-15 09:16:44


Premier Li Keqiang meets journalists from home and abroad at a press conference Sunday, wrapping up the annual parliamentary session being held in Beijing. China Daily Website provides a Live report on the conference.

Premier Li wraps up 'two sessions' with press conference

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang speaks at a news conference after the closing session of the 12th National People's Congress, at the Great Hall of the People, in Beijing, March 15, 2015. [Photo By Feng Yongbin/chinadaily.com.cn]

Here are the highlights of the press conference.

China able to defend border with Myanmar

Premier Li said that the government had the responsibility and the ability to defend its border with Myanmar, after a bomb from a Myanmar aircraft fell in its territory and killed four people.

"We have the responsibility and the ability to firmly defend the stability of the China-Myanmar border, and firmly protect the lives and the security of the property of our people," Li told the news conference.

Central govt won't tighten policy toward Hong Kong

There is no need to worry that the central government will tighten its policies toward Hong Kong and the "one country, two systems" principle should not be changed at will, Li said.

It is the basic state policy of China to adhere to the "One Country Two Systems" principle and Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong, he said.

The central government will continue to support Hong Kong government and its Chief Executive, Li said. Li hoped the mainland and Hong Kong to strengthen economic, cultural and trade ties, and people from both sides can benefit from the ties and satisfied with the exchanges.

China neither in deflation, nor deflation exporter

Consumer price index rose in January and then more in February, which means the claim that China is in deflation is not based on reason, said Premier Li.

Although the consumer price level has fallen quite low in China recently, the country is not the exporter of deflation to the world. Actually, China is being deflated, Li added.

China imported 310 million tons of crude oil and 930 million tons of iron ore last year, a figure that is higher than the previous year. But the prices fell due to the sharp drop in international bulk commodity prices.

China will take measures to cope with being deflated, said Li.

Mainland welcomes start-ups from Taiwan

Mainland welcomes Taiwan compatriots, especially young people, to start up business on the mainland and closer attention will be paid to the investment made by them, said Premier Li.

"The mainland will continue to protect lawful rights and interests of Taiwan business people on mainland and continue to pursue preferential policies as appropriate," said Li.

"We will give priority to Taiwan in terms of both the depth and the intensity of the opening-up steps," added Li.

China can prevent systemic financial risks

China's economy is still within the proper range and the level of banks' non-performing loans is quite low internationally, so China is capable of preventing systematic and regional financial risks, said Premier Li.

China has a high saving rate and about 70 percent of China's local debts are in the form of investment with sound yield rates.

Individual cases of financial risks were allowed, said Li. The government plans to introduce the deposit insurance system this year and develop multi-tiered capital market to make the financial sector better serve the real economy.

China weighing further birth policy changes

Chinese government will take account of the country's social and economic development when formulating and adjusting population-related laws and policies, Li said.

He said the government currently is carrying out a review of the policy announced last year to allow some married couples to have a second child.

Any adjustment to related policies and laws will be made according to legal procedures, Li said.

Strict enforcement of environment law focus of govt

Strict enforcement of law will be a focus in the environment protection efforts this year, and the cost on those involved in illegal production and emission will be too high to bear, Premier Li said.

More support will be given to the environmental law enforcement departments, including assistance in capacity building, Li said.

"No one is allowed to use their power to meddle with the enforcement of the law," Li said when replying to a question if Sinopec and Petro China impose obstacles in the introduction of policies on environment protection and law enforcement in the sector. "The environment protection law is an ultimate weapon instead of a cotton swab."

"Chinese government is determined to tackle smog and environmental pollution as a whole and tremendous efforts have been made in this regard. But the progress still falls short of the expectation of our people," the premier said.

"Last year in the work report I said we have declared a war against smog. We are determined to carry out our efforts until we achieve our goal."

He also said that the goal in the energy-saving and emission reduction sector has been placed high in this year's government report.

Japan urged to 'face history squarely'

Premier Li said "a test and an opportunity for the China-Japan relationship" will take place this year, and Japan's leaders are urged to "face history squarely" amid the 70th anniversary of the victory in the world's anti-fascist war.

"At such a critical moment this year, there is both a test and an opportunity for the China-Japan relationship," Li said.

"If leaders of Japan can face history squarely and maintain consistency in how they view that part of history, there will be a new opportunity for improvement and further growth of China-Japan relations," he said.

"It will also create favorable conditions for the growth of our business relationship between the two countries."

Speaking of commemoration activities to mark the anniversary, "the purpose of these activities is to firmly bear in mind the hard lessons gained from the past and ensure that that kind of history will never repeat itself," Li said.

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