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University president wants rise in rural teachers' pay

By Luo Wangshu (chinadaily.com.cn)

Updated: 2015-03-10 14:32:06


Teachers at rural areas should be provided better salaries to attract more talent, said a member of National People's Congress.

"It is fair to pay teachers at rural areas based on the school's facilities and environment. The more poor the area is, the higher the pay," said Liu Yichun, president of Northeast Normal University, adding that it could attract talent and solve the shortage of teachers in rural areas.

Rural areas in China have long suffered from teachers' shortage due to rough environment and low pay.

Media reports have claimed that in some areas university graduates are paid less than 1,000 yuan ($166.7) a month and are barely able to pay back student loan.

To fill this shortfall, the State encouraged universities, including Beijing Normal and Northeast Normal University, to recruit students from rural areas and waive their four-year tuition fee in the hope that they will return to rural areas.

However, these graduates, though with degree from prestigious universities, are paid low. They often fulfill their contract duty and leave rural areas. Usually they sign up contract duty with local government and the university, ensuring return to rural area to teach for a few years, as a payment to be recruited by the university.

"It is necessary to solve the problem from the root by raising teachers' salary in rural areas," Liu said.