Daily wrap: March 7

Updated: 2014-03-07 08:23

Xi’s humor

Chinese president Xi Jinping made headlines on major Chinese news portals after joking with a delegate, comparing his slimming figure to a streamlined administration. Shanghai Television anchor Cao Kefan, who also represents Shanghai as a delegate and is known for his size, was at the center of attention. Xi met deputies from Shanghai on Wednesday.

GM food debate

Agriculture Minister Han Changfu told a press conference that he eats genetically modified food, mainly soybean oil. Recently, a public debate between two Chinese celebrities, a television personality and a science writer, on the safety of genetically modified food has turned into a drama set in three countries.

Tearful reporter

Reporters seem to be one of the most stressed groups during the National People’s Congress because most of the time they have to rack their brain to dig out a story. One of the journalists broke down when she didn’t get a chance to ask a question. The tearful moment of the unnamed reporter was captured by Xinhua after she failed to speak to delegates representing Liaoning province on Wednesday, which was an open media day.

Daily wrap: March 7

Doctor’s Day proposed

Bai Yansong, a CPPCC member and a famous anchorman with China Central Television, proposed establishing a Doctor’s Day to improve the public respect of doctors after China witnessed a series of attacks against doctors and nurses. A man stabbed to a doctor to death and injured another two medics in Zhejiang province in Oct 2013. Also, a couple, both of whom are government officials, has been accused of beating a nurse in East China's Jiangsu province.

Daily wrap: March 7

Yao Ming urges end to ivory trade

Former NBA star Yao Ming, also a CPPCC member, wants China to do more to stop the trade in illegal ivory. "Buying ivory is buying bullets," Yao told reporters.

Tougher fine for polluters

Wang Xiaokang, chairman of the Board of Directors of China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group and also a CPPCC member, urged stiffer punishment for environmental polluters during a panel discussion with Premier Li Keqiang. Wang said that some families need to pay 800,000 yuan ($133,333) for violating family planning policy but companies that damage ground water only paid 80,000 yuan.

Korean soap opera

It’s not news anymore that anti-corruption chief Wang Qishan is a fan of the American political drama House of Cards, which can be watched on China’s newsportal with Chinese subtitles, but he still surprised many when he said he likes popular Korean TV drama My Love from the Star. Wang said South Korea is ahead of China in exporting its culture during a discussion with NPC deputies.

Quotable Quotes

China Central Television recommended remarks from delegates who made their voices heard.

"The day before the Chinese New Year, which was revoked as holiday this year, should be a day off.” (Feng Jicai)

"Those who are labeled as weirdoes and geeks deserve a chance.” – Zhu Yongxin

"We should make students’ life easier by reducing homework load and stress over grades. It’s always a big deal.” – Sun Huiling

"It’s absurd that people sometimes have to turn to several government bodies before getting something done.” – Xu Shousheng

"Water resources preservation should come ahead of building skyscrapers and roads.” – Wang Chengde

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