Deals to link Costa Rican market

2013-06-05 02:14:03

President Xi Jinping's visit to Costa Rica boosted economic ties between the two countries after a series of agreements in infrastructure, trade and investment were signed on Monday.

Coffee farmer welcomes Xi

2013-06-05 01:57:16

Farm owner Marco Zamora Alvarado, 77, and his family were busy brewing coffee on Monday afternoon hours before the arrival of a particularly distinguished guest from across the Pacific: Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Coach gets a kick out of China

2013-06-05 01:57:16

By defeating China's only World Cup generation and his teacher, Guimaraes caught the eye of Chinese fans and clubs, and started receiving offers from the Chinese league.

Peking duck by way of San Jose

2013-06-05 01:57:16

Ever since China and Costa Rica established diplomatic relations in June 2007, about 50,000 Chinese people have settled in the beautiful Central American country.

China, Costa Rica agree to enhance ties

2013-06-04 13:33:21

President Xi Jinping and his Costa Rican counterpart Laura Chinchilla agreed to enhance bilateral communication and co-op.

Chinese, Costa Rican presidents discuss bilateral co-op

2013-06-03 23:48:31

Visiting Chinese President Xi Jinping met his Costa Rican counterpart Laura Chinchilla Monday for talks on the development of bilateral ties.
Xi offers Caribbean nations support
Xi's visit set to give boost for regional tourism

Backgrounder: Basic facts about Costa Rica

2013-06-03 15:29:09

Costa Rica, with a land territory of 51,100 square km, is bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Panama to the southeast, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east.

Major events in China-Costa Rica relations

2013-06-03 15:20:42

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived Sunday in San Jose for a state visit to Costa Rica. The following are major events in China-Costa Rica relations:

Xi arrives in Costa Rica for state visit

2013-06-03 10:54:00

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in San Jose Sunday for a state visit to Costa Rica to promote cooperation between China and the Central American country.Xi pledges more aid to Caribbean countries Xi's Mexico visit to lift bilateral relations

Chinese president continues Latin American trip

2013-06-03 07:13:49

Chinese President Xi Jinping concluded his state visit to Trinidad and Tobago on Sunday and left for Costa Rica to continue his Latin American tour.
More assistance to Caribbean countries
Ambassador envisions long, fruitful relationship
Comment: A meeting of immense scope

Ambassador envisions long, fruitful relationship

2013-06-03 01:55:09

President Xi Jinping's visit to Costa Rica is expected to bring the countries' relationship to a higher level, with more cooperation in areas including trade, infrastructure, energy and tourism.

China-Costa Rica ties bear rich fruit

2013-06-02 16:29:10

China-Costa Rica relations have developed rapidly and born rich fruit since the two countries established diplomatic ties six years ago, Chinese ambassador Song Yanbin said in San Jose, Costa Rica.

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