Theft map released in E China

Updated: 2011-11-24 17:47

By Quan Li (

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Theft map released in E China

Theft-prone places have been marked by red triangles in this anti-theft map released by Nanjing subway police, Nov 23, 2011. [Photo/ Yangtze Evening Post]

A theft map pinpointing where thieves operate along subway lines in Nanjing was released Wednesday by local metro police, the Yangtze Evening Post reported.

The map marked theft-prone places on subway lines and around stations to help enhance people’s awareness of thieves, the Nanjing-based paper said.

Police concludes the most frequent locations for theft in subway stations, including entrances, escalators, ticket barriers, resting areas and ticket vending machines, the paper said.

A total of 77 pickpocket cases involving 81 suspects have been cracked by subway police in Nanjing this year, the paper said.

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