'Crazy English' wife posts new abuse photos

Updated: 2011-11-08 13:26

By Yang Jie (chinadaily.com.cn)

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'Crazy English' wife posts new abuse photos

Kim Lee, wife of “Crazy English” founder Li Yang, releases an additional photo on Sina Weibo on Nov 7 showing more injuries she claims were inflicted by her famous husband.[Photo/Sina Weibo] 

The American wife of China's most renowned English teacher has once again given a lesson in domestic violence by posting a new photo of injuries she claims were inflicted by her famous husband, Beijing Times reports.

Kim Lee, wife of "Crazy English" founder Li Yang, released another photo on Weibo, China's twitter, on Nov 7 accusing Li of self-promotion and ignoring their divorce notice.

"I am done waiting for you to face your responsibilities as you continue promoting yourself! I didn't post all the photos, but you seem to have forgotten how unacceptable your actions were. Only your hands are stronger than mine Li Yang. My character is kindhearted but not weak!" Kim wrote on her micro blog account.

The photo was reportedly taken on Aug 30 when it is alleged Li beat his wife. The image shows red marks on a neck. So far, 7,327 Sina Weibo users have forwarded the message and 3,549 have commented on it.

There has been no public response to the latest photo from Li Yang.

Kim sparked a debate on domestic violence after first posting photos of her injuries on Aug 31, which showed her swollen forehead and knees. A week later, Li admitted to committing the violence and apologized to his wife in public. Late October, Kim was reported to have filed for divorce with the local court after failing to divorce Li by agreement.