City heels to protest and rolls over dog ban

Updated: 2011-08-04 15:11

By Gao Qihui (

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A southern Chinese city that was planning to ban pet dogs has culled the idea after sparking protests from animals lovers, Xinhuanet reported Thursday.

Authorities in Jiangmen city, South China's Guangdong province had ordered all dogs in the Pengjiang, Jianghai and Xinhui districts of the city to be removed or destroyed from August 26.

But the announcement sparked a wave of fierce protest forcing the five bureaus of the city to roll over their decision.

Citizens will be able to keep their pets but are forbidden from taking them to some public areas including parks, city squares, schools, kindergartens, shopping malls and hotels etc. The amendment also regulates more humane ways to deal with the dogs in the prohibited areas by persuading their owners to remove the animals.

Over past recent years, the Jiangmen city has been plagued by dogs attacking people. In 2010, a total of 12,014 residents in Pengjiang, Jianghai and Xinhui districts were injured in dog attacks.