Senior Chinese leader visits eastern province

Updated: 2008-02-03 08:42

He shook hands with soldiers and police who were de-icing the road and keeping traffic order. He also talked with drivers and passengers who were waiting to pass the bridge and handed out food.

A relief camp has been set up beside the bridge, providing food, drinking water and medical service for stranded drivers and passengers.

He was glad to learn the camp is running around the clock.

"I hope, through your work, passengers will not suffer cold, hunger, thirst and illness," he said.

Disastrous weather has cut off several sections of the provincial power grid. On Thursday, He visited Miaozhi Village in Jiujiang where technicians had been repairing an electricity transmission line for eight days and nights.

"You have made great contribution to restoring power supply to the people. Take care of yourself," he said while holding the hands of a technician.

At Lianhua and Jiangxiang townships, He dropped in on several rural families whose business had suffered from the storms.

He asked Yin Zhongming, a strawberry farmer, and Liu Chunjiang, who raised ducks, about their damage. He encouraged them to restore production as soon as possible with assistance from the local government.

The local government shall try its best to guarantee supply of power, gas, water and daily necessities, he said.

"We shall also start planning rehabilitation as early as possible and offer people preferential policies, and financial and technical assistance."

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