China pledges to grant more aid to Africa

Updated: 2007-12-04 06:55

BEIJING -- China has signed agreements with 28 African countries to exempt their debts and offered 13 preferential loans to 10 countries on the continent.

Wang Shichun, foreign aid department director of the Ministry of Commerce, made the remarks in Beijing.

He said that the country would soon dispatch the first group of 51 agricultural experts to Africa, an effort to improve local agricultural levels.

At the same time, medicine and medical equipments for eight anti-malaria centers have been delivered, and the first group of experts will soon leave for the continent.

China has gradually implemented its policies to aid Africa since the Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation held last November, demonstrating its keeping of promises and being a real friend of Africa, said Wang, quoting local media from Lesotho.

He stressed that the country has never sought "neo-colonialism" in Africa, but had engaged in "economic and technology cooperation which proved to be beneficial to both sides."

"The process of foreign aid works should be more transparent in the future", said Wang, adding that the country would continue with foreign exchanges and cooperation and draw on international aid expertise to improve its own work.

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