China delivers aid of heavy oil to DPRK

Updated: 2007-09-18 21:04

China has delivered the first shipment of 50,000 tons of heavy oil aid it had pledged to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) and the rest is being sourced, said Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu on Tuesday.

The first shipment of heavy fuel oil from China arrived in the Nampo port of DPRK on September 16, said Jiang at a regular press conference.

The DPRK, under a joint document issued at the six-party talks on February 13, should declare all nuclear programs and disable all existing nuclear facilities in exchange for a total of 1 million tons of heavy fuel oil or equivalent aid, with the initial shipment of 50,000 tons.

The Republic of Korea (ROK) delivered 6,200 tons on July 15, sooner after which the DPRK announced its shutdown of the Yongbyon reactor, a widely regarded substantial step, after a 10-member team of U.N. inspectors arrived in the capital Pyongyang to verify and monitor the reactor sealing.

Top negotiators to the six party talks from host China, the DPRK, United States, the ROK, Russia and Japan, agreed in July to provide the DPRK with economic, energy and humanitarian assistance up to the equivalent of 950,000 tons of heavy fuel oil.

Envoys also agreed to meet here in early September to compile a road map for implementing the second phase of DPRK's denuclearization process which is to declare all of its nuclear programs and disable all of its existing nuclear facilities.

"We consider it necessary for the six parties to reconvene at a proper time. Date for next-phase nuclear talks should be decided by all parties concerned," Jiang said.

"China is consulting with the relevant parties on the dates for the next phase of six party talks," Jiang added.

The DPRK Vice Foreign Minister in charge of Chinese and Asian affairs Kim Yong Il reportedly arrived in Beijing on Tuesday morning.

In response to a request to confirm the DPRK vice foreign minister's China visit, Jiang said Kim's visit was "according to exchange plans between Chinese and the DPRK foreign ministries".

Chinese foreign minister Yang Jiechi and his deputy Wu Dawei will meet him. Beside Beijing Kim will also visit other Chinese cities, Jiang said.

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