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GM's LaCrosse gearbox garners complaints

Updated: 2013-06-26 15:40
( chinadaily.com.cn)

Shanghai General Motor's LaCrosse is among the most frequently complained about models on China Auto Quality website (12365auto.com), as the number of complaints reached 286 this year.

Complaints about LaCrosse models are focusing on gearbox problems, including frustrated shift, malfunction of gearbox computer control module, no power output after shifting into drive, and stalling while in drive. Some car owners believe there are design flaws with the gearbox, such as unmatched data, that led to the problems.

There are complaints that the loading capacity of the gearbox is lower than that of the vehicle. The load capacity of a new LaCrosse 3.0 is 2,270 kg, while the gearbox loading capacity is 2,200 kg. Also, the load capacity of a new LaCrosse 2.4 is 2,115 kg, while its gearbox loading capacity is 1,996 kg.

Some car owners say the data indicates that the maximum power that both LaCrosse 2009 and 2010 models' gearboxes could bear is smaller than the output power of the engine. The maximum output power of a 2.4L engine is 134 kw, while the gearbox can only bear 130 kw; a 3.0L engine's maximum output power is 190 kw, but the gearbox can only bear 160 Kw.

Some car owners complained about the repair and service charges. They got the gearbox repaired or replaced because of quality issues and received no compensation.