Toyota to exhibit new hybrid vehicle in Jilin


2012-07-10 15:34

CHANGCHUN -- Toyota Motor Corp will display its new hybrid concept car, the Yundong Shuangqing, at the upcoming Changchun auto show slated for July 13-22 in Northeast China's Jilin province, sources with the company said on Tuesday.

The concept vehicle is equipped with a system of multiple power sources designed by Toyota's Chinese research and development center in Changshu, Jiangsu province, according to the sources.

The vehicle is an outcome of Toyota's Cloud Action plan, which was initiated on March 1 in Beijing to promote environmentally friendly products in China.

A production version of the Yundong Shuangqing, literally meaning Cloud Action Dual-Engine, will be available in 2015, according to the plan.

The vehicle made its debut at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition in April this year.

China became the first country outside Japan to produce Toyota's Prius hybrid, when Sichuan FAW Toyota Motor Co Ltd started making the third-generation model in 2005.

In 2010, GAC Toyota Motor Co Ltd in South China's Guangdong province began making the Camry hybrid, the second hybrid vehicle manufactured by Toyota in China.

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