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From London to SOHO

By Zhao Yanrong (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-05-07 08:02
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From London to SOHO

Vega Wang adjusts her latest design on a mannikin. [WANG JING / CHINA DAILY]

Q: As a dress designer, what do you think is the most important thing when people select clothes?

A: Because clothes are decoration for a body, they should match your identity, age and character. I saw many young people in China wear popular designs or brands, with conflicting personalities. The most popular designs are not necessary the most suitable for everyone.

I am not a big fan of famous labels. Most of my favorite clothes were made by my own hands, or picked up at a secondhand market. I like to wear second-hand clothes because they are very comfortable, so it's a shame we don't have many secondhand clothing markets in China.

Q: Why did you open your studio in Beijing?

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A: There are many chances for success here in Beijing. I spent a few months creating designs in Xiamen after I returned from the UK, but when I came to the capital for a photo shoot, my designs were really appreciated here.

I moved all my stuff from Xiamen, rented a studio and started my own label within only one month. Once I make a decision, I move very quickly.

Q: Do you like life in the capital?

A: Beijing is a great place and there are many good opportunities for the younger generations. However, the city is sometimes very noisy and always busy, which can disrupt my concentration.


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