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Popular Magotan meets sales target early

By Xiao Han (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-12-21 07:49
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Popular Magotan meets sales target early

Designed for the local market, the Magotan combines the latest technology with a longer wheelbase and roomier interior. [File photo] 


Magotan, the flagship vehicle from FAW-Volkswagen, has seen sales grow steadily every month since April in the most competitive car segment in China.

The company has already met its full-year sales goal for the Magotan.

Experts believe that the Magotan's popularity is a result of its advanced powertrain using VW's advanced TSI engine and DSG transmission package as well as the long-established reputation of FAW-Volkswagen's leading technology.

The recently concluded UN Climate Change Conference 2009 in Copenhagen has further increased awareness of pollution emission reductions.

FAW-Volkswagen showed its foresight when it began to implement the "TSI plus DSG" strategy at the beginning of this year. Strong sales of the Magotan, Golf and Sagitar equipped with the drivetrain have proven consumer preference for the advanced configuration.

The TSI, or turbo stratified injection engine, represents the most leading-edge technology in automotive engines. It features stronger power, higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Popular Magotan meets sales target early

The turbo-charging technology originated in the aviation industry and has been applied in the auto industry for years, mostly in racecars. It became more widely used after being associated with the fuel stratified injection technology.

Research shows that the use of both TSI and DSG technologies can reduce fuel consumption and emissions by 20 percent and provide better power performance at the same time.

An owner of a Magotan said a test drive made up his mind. "I bought it mainly because of its TSI and DSG technologies," he said.

Another customer was also enamored. "Why not buy a car with both strong power and fuel economy?"

Powered by the 2.0TSI engine, the Magotan can generate a maximum power of 147kW and offer a peak torque of 280Nm, which is able to compete with a traditional 2.8-liter engine.

With the six-speed DSG transmission, the Magotan can accelerate from zero to 100km/h in merely eight seconds.

Aside from its great power performance, the car only consumes 6.2 liters fuel per 100 km when driven at a speed of 90km/h.

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The exterior of Magotan embodies the delicate craftsmanship of German cars. It has a smooth and natural curve due to the manufacturer's advanced seamless laser welding technology.

For high safety performance, the Magotan uses an HSB ultra-high-strength body structure that can endure pressure of over 10 tons per sq cm. The model is also equipped with VW's electronic stability program (ESP), Auto Hold system, four safety bags and curtain airbags on both sides.

The model also has many high-quality devices to ensure a comfortable driving experience, including the USB/iPod multimedia hub, in-car Bluetooth phone system, smart touch screen and satellite-guided navigation system that also serves as a 30G hard disk and DVD player.