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Beijing to adopt new water pricing system on May 1

Beijing's municipal price watchdog announced Tuesday that the city's new multi-tier water pricing system will take effect on May 1, the local Mirror Evening News reports.

Beijing integrates with Tianjin, Hebei

Beijing has launched an initiative to integrate with neighboring Tianjin municipality and Hebei province.


President Xi Jinping called for integrated and coordinated development of Beijing and the two neighboring provincial areas last month.

Hebei seeks to attract businesses from capital

Hebei province is promoting urbanization within its borders with a plan to have some national administrative agencies, institutions and industries move there from Beijing.

Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei FTA plan to unveil

Plans to establish the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Free Trade Area will be released soon, according to a report by China Securities Daily.

A step towards Capital Economic Circle

Thirteen cities and counties in Hebei Province will have their area codes changed to 010, the series of numbers to dial before the capital city's fixed-line phone numbers, an official from Hebei said in Beijing on March 11.

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