GOP, Trump focus on trade curbs

The 2016 Republican presidential convention opens in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday, and the city of about 320,000, along with the rest of the so-called Rust Belt, has become a prime target for an anti-trade message of both parties, especially Republican Donald Trump.

US shootings heighten security concerns

Cleveland's police union called for the suspension of a state law allowing people to carry firearms during the Republican National Convention.

Giant pandas find a shelter in nursing home

Panpan is 31 years old -- the equivalent of 93 human years. Born in the wilderness in Baoxing county, Sichuan province, he fathered around a quarter of all the pandas living in captivity in the world today and therefore was dubbed "hero dad".

Alibaba, SAIC to soon roll out their internet car at $22,250

Alibaba unveiled on Wednesday a new internet-enabled vehicle equipped with the e-commerce giant's YunOS operating system.

Pasta imperfect as noodle sales drop

Sales of instant noodles have been on a five-year decline in China, which may be the outcome of many unrelated factors. Higher purchasing power and more sophisticated palates are two obvious culprits, but so is the law of gravity.

IOC vows 'toughest sanctions' after report finds Moscow ran broad doping scheme

The IOC on Monday promised "the toughest sanctions available" after a report found Moscow had concealed hundreds of positive doping tests in many sports ahead of the Sochi winter Games.

Boris Johnson says UK not abandoning leading role in Europe

Britain's newly appointed Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson here on Monday said Britain was not going to be abandoning its leading role in European cooperation participation.

Shaolin monks stun Singapore audiences with Chinese kung fu

"Shaolin", a show which presents the ultimate masters of kung fu by monks from the Shaolin Temple in China's Henan province, stunned Singapore audiences on Wednesday.

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Tourists visit verbena flower field in Qingdao

The verbena fields here, which cover an area of 130 mu (8.7 hectares), have attracted a good many tourists.

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Ancient cures for a new nation

A visit to a Chinese acupuncturist has opened a whole new world of medicine for Issa Justin, a young South Sudanese man who is both a patient and medical student in Juba, capital of the world's newest nation.

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