G20 ushering in group leadership

The upcoming G20 summit will reflect a changing global political and economic landscape, according to a prominent scholar.

China's culture edges toward US mainstream

China's growing prominence on the world stage is leading to an avid interest in Chinese culture in the United States.

Musician versus masseur

In 2013, the story of Guo Bin, a 6-year-old who was deliberately blinded, shocked China and made headlines across the world. Now, three years after the attack, the school student is recovering and is determined to walk his own career path.

Central Asia freight train service starts

The first Central Asia cargo train departs from Nantong, East China's Jiangsu province, August 25, 2016. The cargo train left Nantong on August 26 for Afghanistan's Hairatan, marking the start of Central Asia freight train service.

Sadness in the eyes of those who behold her

So you are thinking of taking the plunge that will change your life? Think again.

Olympic pole vault champion Da Silva receives 1kg gold bar

Brazil's Olympic pole vault champion Thiago Braz da Silva on Thursday received a 1kg gold bar from his former club as a reward for his triumph at the Rio Games.

Historical towns before and after Italy's earthquake

Photos before and after Italy's earthquake

Modern Dama ignites Beijing New Dance Festival

They are known as "Chinese Dama", who enjoy their current tranquil and happy life after years of struggle and hard work. Now they can tell wonderful life stories to the younger generation through new dance.

Food and Travel

Where buns fill a gap and breakfast is a no-brainer

China's time-honored baozi (steamed buns with fillings) brand Goubuli has opened a new modern fast-food outlet in Beijing, a brand that offers something slightly different to Goubuli's traditional chain restaurants.

Most Popular

Ancient cures for a new nation

A visit to a Chinese acupuncturist has opened a whole new world of medicine for Issa Justin, a young South Sudanese man who is both a patient and medical student in Juba, capital of the world's newest nation.

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