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Nation's exports fall less than expected in Sept, imports slump

Exports dropped 1.1 percent from the same period last year, but a sharper fall in imports left economists divided over whether the trade sector is turning around.

Airline hits back at claim air hostesses treated like baggage

Kunming Airlines says usually a fresh stewardess will be placed in a luggage compartment to celebrate completing 30-50 hours of flying.

Nobel Prize win gives rise to hot TCM book sales, public interest

Tu Youyou's winning the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has triggered a hot rush for traditional Chinese medicine books.

Global smuggling ring busted, $4m wildlife parts seized

The three-month-long operation uncovered a trafficking ring that stretched from Japan through Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland.

Trainees pay thousands of yuan to become Western-style butler

A typical private butler in a major luxury hotel can earn around $3,175 a month, which is more than triple the average salary in Beijing.

Chinese business leaders to visit Germany and Italy

More than 20 Chinese business leaders started an eight-day visit to Germany and Italy from October 13 to 22 on Tuesday in Beijing.

Two allies of disgraced security chief jailed for corruption

Two allies of disgraced former security chief Zhou Yongkang have been handed out sentences after being found guilty of corruption.

Annaud denounces Academy's decision to drop Wolf Totem

The French director said he was "stupefied" by the Academy's decision to drop Wolf Totem and called it a "banana republic-level of arbitrariness".

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