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Do other countries have "chengguan"?


Xinjiang experiences extreme weather


Hilarious moments of stuck animals


'Ordinary Joe' evicted from home under bridge


'No-pants' ride in Harbin


3D shows artful magic


Public figures give thoughts on World Book Day

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Philippines apologizes for 2010 hijacking

The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong SAR and the Philippine president reach a mutually satisfactory conclusion to the bus hostage crisis in Manila which left eight Hong Kong tourists dead.

Japan is Washington's liability

US President Barack Obama, who prides on being "America's first Pacific President," arrives in Japan for the start of a four-nation Asia tour.

Bodies in ferry reveal sadness

Media reports say most of the bodies found in the last two days had broken fingers, presumably from the children frantically trying to climb the walls or floors to escape in their last moments.

Drill marks navy's 65th birthday

China held a multilateral maritime exercise with seven other nations off the country's eastern coast on Wednesday to mark the 65th anniversary of the establishment of the People's Liberation Army navy.

HK toilet tussle drains relations

Arrest of mainland couple in Hong Kong, for a dispute that ensued from allowing their toddler to urinate in public, underscores the need for understanding.

MH370:'object of interest' found

Australian authorities say unidentified material washed up on the Australian coastline is being investigated for possible links to the flight MH370 that disappeared more than seven weeks ago.

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