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Fireworks light up Shanghai Disneyland


Tsinghua lights candles in memory of alumna and writer Yang Jiang


Top 10 saving countries in the world


Evolution of the internet in China


Celebrated Chinese writer Yang Jiang dies at 105


Man vs. machine: Era of robots

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Xi calls for action to revive northeastern industrial region

The central leadership has issued a new plan to revitalize the economy in the northeast, which has long been hampered by a lack of reform.

Li promises foreign companies fairness in big data investment

China will create a more transparent and equal market to attract foreign investment in big data and e-commerce with streamlined administration.

Women-focused precursor to G20 summit held in China

The W20 Meeting, which concludes on Thursday, supports the main G20 event to be held in China's eastern city of Hangzhou in September.

Qualcomm president says it's here to stay in China

Derek Aberle, president of Qualcomm, said the chip giant is dedicated to long-term investments in China to expand its server chip business.

Island school in South China Sea shows its unique character

Class act by teachers allows pupils to enjoy life and learning on the country's southernmost outpost of education on Yongxing Island.

Taiwan's new leader 'must clarify stance' : Spokesman

The cooperation process will only continue when the island's new leader fully endorses the one China principle, says Chinese mainland's spokesman.

'Cliff village': Local govt vows action to help students

Fifteen children use a rattan ladder to scale an 800-meter cliff on their way to and from boarding school every two weeks in Sichuan province.

Wanda to open theme park right before Disneyland’s launch

The launch looks perfectly timed by founder Wang Jianlin to take at least some of the thunder from its potential rival Disneyland Shanghai.

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