Killing gorilla to save boy at Ohio zoo sparks outrage

The killing of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo after a 4-year-old boy tumbled into the ape's enclosure triggered outrage and questions about safety.

Gary Johnson wins Libertarian nomination

Gary Johnson, former governor of the US state of New Mexico, was again picked by the Libertarian Party as its presidential candidate.

What is that thing? Innovative bus looks like a moving tunnel

A bus that straddles highway lanes to allow cars to pass beneath-a sort of moving tunnel-is set for a test run in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province, in August.

Deal close on AC Milan stake

A Chinese consortium has agreed to buy an initial 70 percent stake in Italian Series A soccer club AC Milan, with negotiations continuing over the sale of the remaining 30 percent, a person familiar with the talks told China Daily.

Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy mark wedding anniversary

Chinese stars Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy mark wedding anniversary

Li Na in French Open tour to promote hometown event

Li Na is on a tour to her first Grand Slam winning luck place to promote the tournament held in her hometown.

US Justice Dept. seeks death penalty for South Carolina shooter

The US Justice Department had decided to seek the death penalty for Dylann Roof, a white gunman charged with killing nine black churchgoers in South Carolina last year, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said on Tuesday.

Use online broadcasting to kill time

Online broadcasting is becoming a golden goose for a few and an opiate for many.As technology has made it possible for anyone to be a video star, it seems that many of these people have decided one sure-fire way of ensuring they stand out is to be unconventional.

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Tourists view lily flowers in East China's Jiujiang

Tourists view lily flowers at a planting base in Jiujiang, East China's Jiangxi province, May 28, 2016.

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Bringing tech solutions to the waters

For the past month, Stephanie Xu traveled back and forth between her home in Silicon Valley and Monterey Bay in California. Unlike tourists there, she did not gaze at the wildlife or enjoy the natural beauty but visited local officials, farmers and scientists to find out if the dramatic recovery of the bay could be duplicated in China.

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