Zoo denies negligence in barriers accident

An official of the Cincinnati Zoo denied their management had a negligence in safety and insisted the one-meter barrier around the gorilla enclosure meets all the industry standards.

Six of 33 gang-rape suspects captured by police

Brazil's police launched an operation on Monday to successfully capture six men wanted for their alleged involvement in gang raping a 16-year-old girl on May 21.

How small acts bring joy to left-behind children

Children, whose parents work far from home in urban areas, practice bandaging wounds after learning the skill from Red Cross volunteers in Wuzhou city.

World's top Go player hopes to beat AI computer in China

The world's top Go (or Weiqi) player, 19-year-old Chinese Ke Jie, is likely to compete with an AI-powered Go-playing system in October in Hainan province, according to a tweet on Chinese Twitter-like Sina Weibo.

Rising star Wang Ziwen poses for photos

Actress Wang Ziwen, who shot to fame for her role in Ode to Joy, poses during a photo shoot for marie claire magazine.

Li Na in French Open tour to promote hometown event

Li Na is on a tour to her first Grand Slam winning luck place to promote the tournament held in her hometown.

Vintage plane crashed in Hudson River during emergency landing

The pilot of a World War II-era plane killed in a crash in the Hudson River off Manhattan on Friday evening was trying to execute an emergency landing.

Making modern masterpieces

Rongbaozhai-which means "a room with glorious treasures"-has been in the woodblock printing business for more than 100 years. And it specializes in reproducing the works of Chinese masters on a very small scale using very special techniques.

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Int'l crayfish festival held in Xuyi, China's Jiangsu

Crayfish is the renowned specialty in Xuyi county and every summer an international crayfish festival is held here.

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Bringing tech solutions to the waters

For the past month, Stephanie Xu traveled back and forth between her home in Silicon Valley and Monterey Bay in California. Unlike tourists there, she did not gaze at the wildlife or enjoy the natural beauty but visited local officials, farmers and scientists to find out if the dramatic recovery of the bay could be duplicated in China.

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