Human error, technical failure probed in NJ train crash

The investigation into a New Jersey commuter train that hurtled into a station building Thursday raises many familiar issues from other crashes.

Traditional medicine takes root in 2 US states

The world's largest producer of products for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) opened stores this week in New York and California.

Passengers set off on trips for coming National Day holidays

It is estimated about 11 million trips wukk ve made during the upcoming National Day Holidays.

DJI Mavic Pro drone released in Beijing

The Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone released by DJI, a Chinese technology company manufacturing unmanned aerial vehicles for flying cameras.

Feng Xiaogang's new film wins awards in int'l film festivals

Feng Xiaogang's new directorial movie I'm Not Madame Bovary celebrated its triumph in two international festivals in Beijing.

Football gains yardage in China

As NFL superstar Peyton Manning emerged from behind a black screen on an auditorium stage, hundreds of fans dressed in American football attire and brandishing an assortment of paraphernalia went wild with raucous cheers and deafening applause.

Chinese community in US slams rap song

African-American rapper YG's song "Meet the Flockers" has angered the entire Chinese community in the US.

Culture Insider: How ancient people exercised their bodies

Modern people are paying more attention to exercise and many celebrities are leading the trend, while in ancient China there were also many fitness lovers.

Food and Travel

Canadian chef makes an artful start

Chef Bradley Hull likes to talk about food preparation as art, likening the plate to a chef as a canvas to an artist.

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Ancient cures for a new nation

A visit to a Chinese acupuncturist has opened a whole new world of medicine for Issa Justin, a young South Sudanese man who is both a patient and medical student in Juba, capital of the world's newest nation.

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