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A myth is brought to life

[2015-09-04 11:58]

Kunlun Myth, a musical that combines ancient legend and a contemporary love story, kicked off a 24-day tour of the US at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago on Wednesday.

Easy Talk Special: Americans' perspective on China and Japan

[2015-09-02 18:19]

In this episode of Easy Talk Special, we interviewed several Americans on the street to see how much they know about issues related to China and Japan. Let's find out if they know the War of Resistance, and do they care about the V-Day Parade?

Mother's love

[2015-09-02 09:48]

Giant panda Mei Xiang holds her cub at the Smithsonian's National Zoo in this photo taken on Sept 1.

The Flying Tigers, American fighter regiment in China during WWII

[2015-08-20 13:31]

Between August 1941 and July 1942, the Flying Tigers, the American Volunteer Group (AVG) led by General Claire Chennault, harassed the Japanese forces from the air.

Meeting the Flying Tigers in Xi'an

[2015-08-18 14:28]

Whenever Chinese people celebrated Anti-Japanese War victory in August, Zhang Tianzhu would recall his encounter with two pilots of Flying Tigers and hoped to meet them again.

US pilot is remembered in book and documentary

[2015-08-15 08:03]

A documentary and a book in Chinese recounting the exploits of a US fighter pilot who parachuted to safety in Hong Kong after shooting down a Japanese warplane during World War II will ensure that his heroic deeds are not lost to posterity.

Chinese villagers helped save US pilots during WWII

[2015-08-12 10:32]

Chinese residents helped the American pilots selflessly after realizing they were friends, not enemies and left many moving stories worth telling.

US exhibit commemorates Flying Tigers

[2015-08-04 07:40]

A US exhibition on Yunnan province and the Flying Tigers provides a boost to cultural exchanges between China and the United States, and it helps people remember the days when US volunteers helped China fight the Japanese invaders, a senior official of the Chinese consulate general in New York said on Sunday.

Flying Tigers show in New York

[2015-08-03 11:55]

An exhibition about beautiful Yunnan and the Flying Tigers provides a boost to cultural exchange between China and America, and helps us remember the days when American volunteers helped China flight the Japanese invaders, said a senior official of the Chinese Consulate General in New York on Sunday.

Answer to balance lies in wartime spirit

[2015-07-25 03:26]

“Seventy-four years ago, the United States and China became allies in the common cause against aggression.”