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A 'typical American' who wants to provoke conversation

[2015-09-16 07:52]

Writer Gish Jen was born to a Chinese American couple in New York in 1955. She seeks to explain people whom Americans may see as outsiders.

Virtual China in 3-D promoted

[2015-09-15 11:24]

For the first time ever, China has adopted 3D virtual reality technology to promote tourism overseas, with New York the first stop on its global campaign, followed by Tokyo in December.

Parade attendees tell Houston of honor

[2015-09-15 11:23]

On a recent flight back from China, where he witnessed the historic Sept 3 military parade, Paul Chu was bothered by what he read in some Western media.

How Chinese and Americans are misreading each other -- and why it matters

[2015-09-14 19:10]

China-U.S. relations are at an important stage of mutual adjustment. We should ease this process by building up mutual understanding and people-to-people exchanges.

How to bargain like an American in China

[2015-09-14 17:51]

In China, bargaining can be a fun experience. You can bargain for almost anything.

10 years of Sino-US exhibitions

[2015-09-10 17:44]

Los Angeles still a top destination for tourists even as China's economy slows

[2015-09-10 13:33]

For the 200 or so tourism industry representatives gathering in Los Angeles this week, a slower Chinese economy and lower yuan are not on their minds.

Chinese man, daughter arrested in alleged marriage scam

[2015-09-10 09:27]

A Chinese man and his daughter were arrested Wednesday morning in Los Angeles County in connection with an immigration fraud scheme in which Chinese nationals paid tens of thousands of dollars to be "married" to US citizens.

The concept of luck

[2015-09-09 19:06]

Have you noticed how people tell you they're not superstitious as they check their daily horoscope?

Peking Opera performance thrills New York

[2015-09-09 16:19]

The audience at Lincoln Center got the encore they worked for.