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  • Durban outcomes significant milestone

    2011-12-15 13:32

    After almost sixteen days of tough negotiations some significant breakthrough was achieved in Durban at the 17th Conference of Parties (COP17).

  • Climate conference approves landmark deal

    2011-12-11 11:39

    After an extra day's hard negotiations, the 17th Conference of Parties (COP17) to the UNFCCC agreed on the second commitment period under Kyoto Protocol. China welcomes Durban outcomes

  • Fake text delays process of COP17

    2011-12-11 08:08

    A fake negotiating text which was issued by unknown source was distributed to the Durban climate conference delegations at the most critical time when all Parties strive for the last deal in Durban.

  • Climate negotiations down to the wire

    2011-12-10 07:29

    With time winding down at the Durban climate change talks, countries are narrowing their options for a balanced solution.

  • US signals support for EU's climate roadmap

    2011-12-09 09:26

    US special envoy on climate change Todd Stern indicated on Thursday that Washington supports the European Union's roadmap unveiled at the meeting.

  • Binding agreement expected at COP 17

    2011-12-09 09:05

    Deference or no deference, political interests or no political ambitions, negotiating parties at the ongoing COP 17 meeting must agree to save the earth.

  • Small Island states worry negotiation pace

    2011-12-09 08:56

    Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) at the United Nation climate change conference on Thursday said it agreed with the European Union (EU) road map, but differed on the timeline.

  • UN chief urges for positive results in Durban

    2011-12-07 08:40

    UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Tuesday urged world leaders to commit to the second period of Kyoto protocol in Durban.

  • Don't let Kyoto goals die away: UNEP

    2011-12-07 07:54

    The big challenge facing the ongoing global climate change talks in Durban is that the principles of the Kyoto Protocol should not be abandoned.

  • BASIC countries remain united over climate change

    2011-12-07 06:55

    Brazil, South Africa, India and China, known as "BASIC countries", remained united over major issues in relation to climate change.

  • Multilateral banks partner fight climate change

    2011-12-06 13:47

    Five multilateral banks, who are lending about $8.4 billion annually for climate action Monday agreed on a new partnership to combat global warming.

  • Mexico backs second commitment period

    2011-12-06 13:45

    Mexico Monday expressed its support for the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, calling for a binding treaty to be reached at the ongoing United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban.

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