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'Sangharsa' tells the stories of nine women who have broken the cycle of poverty, discrimination and social exclusion in Nepal by taking matters into their own hands, initiating their own enterprises and working their way towards a brighter future.

The project was undertaken, in part, as a personal project by China Daily reporter D J Clark who has long had a deep interest in issues of rural Nepal.

Produced by: Loonibha Tuladhar, Pramod Karki & D J Clark

Production Manager: Kevin Tse

Music: Kutumba Rubin

Translators: Priti Adhikari, Jeevit Jalmi, Rabindra Jha, Rekha Karan

Artist: Pramesh Sherchan

Assistants: Rajendra Adhikari, Ram Mani Parajuli

Special Thanks: Jeevit Jalmi

Producer: Flora Yue