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THE WEEK April 27: Dangerous food

Updated: 2012-04-27 18:47

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Lady Gaga is Dangerous?

Everybody loves Lady Gaga, right? Apparently not in South Korea. A group of South Koreans, who are pat of a group called the Association of Church Communication, gathered Sunday to pray that Lady Gaga's upcoming concert in Seoul would be cancelled. They say they want to "stop young people from being infected with homosexuality and pornography." Lady Gaga isn't all about those things. She has a positive message. Not to mention, the last time I checked, homosexuality is not a disease.

American food is dangerous

The popular restaurant chain Pizza Hut is releasing a pizza that has cheeseburgers as its crust. That could be the unhealthiest food I have ever seen. But what's happening at a restaurant called Heartattack Grill in Las Vegas is even creepier!

Summer can be dangerous

The Week shows you how to avoid getting hurt while preparing for the upcoming summer!

Walking is also dangerous

Video was released of a girl in China walking down the street as if nothing was threatening her. But out of nowhere, something crazy happens! Woah! Thankfully a friendly cab driver was near by and helped her until emergency crews arrived.

This wacky world!

Teenagers are known for doing dumb things. The latest trend is drinking hand sanitizer to get a buzz. Kids really are getting dumber.

Statistics show that women are expected to live six years longer than man. But a new study suggests, by the year 2030, men and women will have the same life expectancy. I have no idea why.

Residents in a New York neighborhood near a bar street are fed up. They're claiming that too many young people are parking on their streets late at night to engage in sexual activities.

But if you are single and going out alone, don't feel bad. CNN provided some seriously newsworthy information about how to enjoy yourself while dining out alone: Sit at the bar; ask questions about the menu. And use social networking. Thanks, CNN.

THE WEEK April 27: Dangerous food

THE WEEK April 27: Dangerous food
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THE WEEK April 27: Dangerous food
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