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THE WEEK March 30: Freak out

Updated: 2012-03-30 17:56
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JetBlue employees are crazy

Are you afraid of flying? Do other passengers make you nervous? A JetBlue flight was forced to change routes and make an early landing after the pilot freaked out in the cockpit and went on a rampage through the passenger cabin. Passengers reported the captain was acting violently and yelling things like, "Say your prayers!" This comes just weeks after a flight attendant from the same company freaked out at passengers, swore at them over the intercom, stole beers from the plane's drink cart, opened the emergency exit and ran from police.

Forget online dating

Are you single? A study released this week says you have a better chance of finding a lover by playing the computer game World of Warcraft than by using online dating websites. The report said men can expect to hear back from one out of every 100 women they contact on dating websites, while 40 percent of World of Warcraft women report being attracted to another player.

Walking and texting

In this day and age, it's easy to get caught up in technology. Just this week, a woman was text messaging on her cell phone when she walked directly into a river. After the rescue, she came forward to the press to warn other people about the dangers of texting, saying she hopes her experience can teach other people a lesson.

Rock out with Rakhee

Many of you may watch TV, but how do you know what you're watching is worth the time? With reality shows about the Kardashians and Ted's reluctance to reveal the mother of his children on How I Met Your Mother, there's no guarantee that you've found the best TV shows. But take it from Rakhee: Find a way to watch the AMC program Mad Men. It's amazing.

This wacky world!

After finding out that his unemployment benefits would run out if he did not take a job, a man in Austria made sure officials would find he was not suitable to work. He chopped off his own foot. That's a "step" in the wrong direction.

Clay Aiken decided to call out Rihanna this week, saying the extremely successful pop star could never have won American Idol. Clay, Rihanna will always be more successful than you. And just as a reminder, Clay, you didn't win Idol, either.

Three of the porn stars who were allegedly sleeping with Tiger Woods announced they will release an X-rated film about their sexual encounters with the golfer. Tigher just won his first tournament since the scandal broke, and the film is set to be released at the start of the Master's tournament. Perfect timing, if you ask me.

THE WEEK March 30: Freak out
THE WEEK March 30: Freak out
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THE WEEK March 30: Freak out
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