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THE WEEK Feb 24: Google's new glasses

Updated: 2012-02-24 18:00
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Disneyland drunk

Visitors to California's Disneyland theme park seemed to enjoy a new attraction this week. What was the attraction? A drunken man was fighting against a Disney staff member. The fight took place in front of the Tower of Terror ride. Come on, man! There are children here!

Cops and cameras

Police in the United States are considering using new, miniature cameras to ensure officers follow protocol on duty. The cameras, which are being made by the company Taser, can attach to an officer's sunglasses or collar. MSNBC reports many officers are excited about the new technology, but I don't think police are the most camera-friendly people.

Google's new glasses

In another futuristic twist of new technology, media reports say Google will be releasing a pair of heads-up glasses that will display images on the wearer's lens. They basically act like a smart phone. You can surf the web, get directions to Starbucks and call your mom on using Bluetooth all at the same time. In order to control the screen, the user must tilt his or her head. As rapper Busta Rhymes says…

Apple in your hair

It looks as if 2012 is starting out as a very important year for technological development. Companies are innovating and the users are grateful. Take, for example, this boy, Tao Tao from China's Zhejiang province. He shaved an Apple logo in his head despite playing games on a PC.

This wacky world!

Lindsay Lohan was in court again this week, but this time she received praise from a judge for making progress (on her probation). After a couple more weeks of volunteer work and therapy, Lohan can look forward to hosting Saturday Night Live. Is she finally getting her life together?

This first-year university student from Alabama in the United States has gotten famous for showing his ugly face at basketball games. His name's Jack Blankenship, and he brings a blown-up photo of his face to distract the opposing team's shooters.

A man broke the world record for building the tallest stack of pancakes. Previously set at 74 centimeters, the new record consisted of 60 pancakes stacked 76cm high. Let's try to break that record.

THE WEEK Feb 24: Google's new glasses

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THE WEEK Feb 24: Google's new glasses
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THE WEEK Feb 24: Google's new glasses
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