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The 7th Beijing-Tokyo Forum wraps up in Beijing

Updated: 2011-08-22 18:39

The 7th Beijing-Tokyo Forum, titled "the Future of Asia and China-Japan Cooperation in economic reshaping" wrapped up on Aug 22 at the conference center of Beijing International Hotel.

The two-day convention included two general meetings and five panel forums to discuss both countries' politics, economics, media, regions and security.

Zhao Qizheng, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, YAMADA Keiji, governor of Kyoto Prefecture, Chen Haosu, president of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, ISHIBA Shigeru, chairman of the policy council of the opposition Liberal Democratic Party, Wei Jianguo, secretary-general of the China Center for International Economic Exchanges, and MATSUMOTO Kenichi, special adviser to the Japanese Cabinet, gave reports at the closing conference.

Gao Anming, board member of China Daily, announced the conclusion of the forum.

Afterward, deputies from both sides met the press together.

The Beijing-Tokyo Forum, co-organized by China Daily and Genron NPO, a non-profit think tank, is one of the most significant platforms for non-governmental communication between China and Japan. Next year's forum will be held in Tokyo.

Video: Lin Hanqing

Producer: Flora Yue

The 7th Beijing-Tokyo Forum: Special coverage