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Rodin sculptures arrive in Shanghai

Updated: 2010-04-01 08:48

Workers cautiously open the wooden crate that contains the most renowned piece of art by Rodin, "The Thinker". It's the original version of "The Thinker", as people are more familiar with the larger version of it, three times that of this original.

Also in the Rodin sculpture package are "Ugolino and his Sons", and a monument of French author "Honore de Balzac".

Rodin's sculptures caused a sensation in Paris at the 1900 World Expo, during the artist's peak years.

Rodin's sculptures are among the valuable relics transported from museums from 15 foreign countries. Most of them have been displayed previously as exhibits at various world expos.

All of the relics will arrive before the end of April. And the Shanghai custom house has remained opened 24 hours a day to expedite the entry process.

Source: CCTV.com

Editor: Huan CAO