10 Movies most discussed in 2009

Updated: 2009-12-31 16:21
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Let's rewind this year's cinema offerings. So which movie impressed you most? New Year's Day is coming. Do you feel like going to the movie theatre for one of the following? Better go see one, or you'll find hard to join the movie conversations with others! These are films people talk about:

No. 1: A Simple Noodle Story

If you expect too many laughs, then you might find it hard to laugh.

No. 2: Bodyguards And Assassins

A must see action movie in 2009.

No. 3: The Founding of a Republic

It's like reading a history book with no pain.

No. 4: The Message

Guessing is one difficult thing. Keeping secret is another.

No. 5: City of Life and Death

Movies force people to remember the incident of Nanking Massacre.

No. 6: This is it

No one can talk bad of dead people, but what about the living?

No. 7: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf

Big Big Wolf is a model husband for modern ladies.

No. 8: Avatar

Do you feel movie tickets are expensive? No! The market determines the price.

No. 9: 2012

Good science fiction and a cautionary tale.

No.10 : Surrogates

Invention changes the process of human revolution.

Video : Xu Yang

Voiceover: Hu Zhicheng


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